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Fascia bodywork involves the use of slow tissue stretches and different levels of pressure to re hydrate the body’s adhered internal connective tissue. Connective tissue wraps around organs, bones, and muscles to provide support as well as hold individual parts together. It resemble a very thin spider web but thickens to form ligaments and tendons. Normally fascia is relaxed, allowing sliding between organs. Excessive strain and trauma damage fascia causing pain and limiting range of motion. I have learned how to interact with fascia, releasing its grip on nerves and vital organs improving circulation. Improved circulation leads to less pain and increases probability of recovery. More information can be found on the myofascial release services page. 

MFR is a manual, hands-on technique that is very different from traditional massage therapy. MFR does not use oils or lotions, it is performed dry. This enables the me to accurately detect connective tissue restrictions and apply the appropriate amount of sustained pressure without sliding across the skin, in order to facilitate release of the fascia. While traditional massage is generally done through a continual gliding or sliding across the skin, MFR utilizes a prolonged pressure over specific areas where restrictions are located and uncovered.

It is recommended NO more than 2 hours in one MFR session. The results from your MFR session vary depending upon you specific condition and continued effort to rehabilitate your injury or condition. If your condition is chronic your pain relief may only be temporary. 

Get plenty of sleep. Start the session relaxed. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes, tank-tops or t-shirts, and shorts. For best results arrive hydrated as possible, but not so much that you have to interrupt the session to use the restroom. Also be ready to discuss the treatment for your specific issues upon arrival. 

We will discuss your current condition and then we will begin our session. MFR is applied by firm pressure similar to lymphatic massage or cranial-sacral therapy. Once a patient understands the gentle nature of the bodywork. Patients are coached how to unwind when uncomfortable pressure arises as the body tries to return to positions of previous injury. At times treatment can be quite gentle, and you may think that nothing is happening. Other times deeper restrictions may be uncovered, bringing about a variety of sensations as these restricted areas release.


Be sure to drink lots of water and only water. The key is to stay away from alcohol & caffeine. Maintaining hydration for the next few hours is critical. Get plenty of sleep.

The number of treatments will vary depending on the problem and individual. After a thorough assessment, I will discuss their treatment plan for the rehabilitation process.

I currently accept Cash / Venmo / Paypal / Visa / Mastercard - You will need to pay for services or authorize a credit card prior to beginning the session. 

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