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Headache massage and migraine headache massage offers a non-invasive hands on health care discipline focusing on the neuromuscular system. Massage therapist are trained to detect the cause of muscular issues and customize multiple massage session using your postural assessment and patient pain complaints as a guide.

Do you have headaches?

I have the ability to help you with your condition. Headache massage and migraine headache massage have been shown to decrease frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. I can treat your headache by applying a light pressure and still help you find relief.

When should I get the massage before or after I already have headache?

The answer depends upon how often you experience headaches. Have you recently started having a headache that will not go away or do you deal with repeated headaches? More frequent or chronic headaches really need preventive care. A sudden onset of a headache can also be relieved thru massage, but the treatment focuses on relief of headache symptoms. So in order to best avoid headaches, a regular maintenance massage is the way to go. It is better to try and prevent headaches by treating the cause (tight muscles, trigger points, stress, etc.) instead of trying to fix the problem once you feel it.

Your therapists should be able to recommend the best duration between massages based on your condition. Generally the treatment is focused on the specific site, but when tension is involved a full body approach provides longer lasting results. It is important at Personalized Massage Therapy that every patient be treated individually with different combinations of types of massage tailored to insure relief.


Chronic or frequent headaches = preventive care
Sudden onset = relief of symptoms