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Medical Massage?

More than a few massage therapists claim to perform Medical Massage. By definition, medical massage is a therapeutic massage prescribed by a physician and performed following the directives of that physician. Medical massage does not refer to any specific treatment method and can include various massage protocols and modalities. Medical massage is outcome-oriented instead of time-oriented. That means that instead of booking a client for a 50 or 60 or 90 minute session and working on their entire body with a little more emphasis on the back, neck or other affected area and charging your standard rate for a relaxation massage, the medical massage therapist will treat only the part of the body that the physician prescribes treatment for.

Research and Outcome-based

Primary philosophy for successful treatment is that effective, long-term solutions to pain and/or injury conditions requires knowing what tissues are at fault or involved, and how. And then treating these tissues effectively. 

Massage can itself be a contraindication and poorly thought out or improper treatment plans can be ineffective for the client at the least, and at worst, make the condition or pain worse.

Certain massage techniques are the most effective for treating a particular pain or injury. These techniques include but are not limited to: active engagement, p.n.f stretching, myofascial release, advanced therapeutic techniques, neuromuscular therapy, nerve mobilization techniques, positional release, muscle energy technique, and trigger point therapy.

Primary Components:
  Orthopedic Assessment
  Matching Physiology of Injury & Physiological Effects of Treatment
  Treatment Adaptability
  Understanding the Rehabilitation Protocol