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Massage therapy plays a valuable, but often overlooked, role in helping patients with scoliosis lead healthy, pain-free lives. Patients with scoliosis tend to have more muscle tension and muscle pain than the general population, and manual therapy is an effective method of helping relieve these symptoms.

Alternative Medicine for Scoliosis Relief

Massage therapy is a common way that patients can reduce pressure and pain in the spinal column, relax its surrounding areas in the affected areas of the back, and generally reduce the high levels of stress that accompany scoliosis.
So why does massage therapy improve the physical and psychological condition of a person suffering from scoliosis? When the body is massaged, muscles relax and lose their tension, blood flows more readily to various areas, and the mind also reduces its activity, immediately allowing the patient's body to begin the healing process.


Benefits of Massage for Scoliosis Patients

Pain relief isn’t the only side effect of regular massage therapy. For scoliosis patients, massage offers a host of other beneficial effects that can help improve their daily lives. For example, it can promote:

Heightened body awareness: Lack of body awareness can be a major factor in the progression of scoliosis. Massage therapy helps you attune more deeply to your body, thus allowing a change in movement habits that contribute to functional scoliosis,

Better sleep: It’s often difficult for patients with scoliosis to find a comfortable sleep posture, and many suffer from insomnia as a result. A good massage can improve a patient’s ability to sleep.

Enhanced mobility: Patients exhibit an increased ability to conduct daily activities because massage therapy augments the spine’s mobility and balances out the muscles in the back, resulting in greater functionality.

Enriched mental health: Massage helps reduce the mind’s activity, freeing up more energy for healing. It also releases tension, which has psychological as well as physical effects

Increased circulation: During massage, tense muscles are stretched, allowing blood to flow more freely throughout the body. The boost in circulation helps increase flexibility and support healing in the muscles surrounding the spine.