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Personal Care

I believe that massage should be approached as a person by person case by case basis. Our bodies are ever changing and treating a condition or injury needs to be custom tailored to the individual. Sometimes this means per session, throughout recovery & growth. There are no routines like with traditional massage. 

Why Fascia?

I don't concentrate on deep tissue massage because it has been proven you get better long term results with myofascial release.  In my experience deep tissue massage does offer great results but for a very limited time. Deep tissue deadens the nerve endings causing temporary relief but in affect you are fooling your body as your pain will come back quickly. My clients will tell you that MFR jump starts the body into healing mode after being stuck in a toxic cycle. That is why the results are longer lasting than any other form of massage. 

My Mission

I am committed as a licensed massage therapist to helping my clients achieve pain relief.

High Quality

Whatever your condition, I want to help you achieve a better quality of life.

Patient Care

I take a personalized approach to healing so that you see major improvement and lasting results.

Professional Service

Make massage approachable for anyone looking for an alternative treatment for pain relief. No previous massage experience required.